What You Need To Know About Selecting Your Monthly Cleaning Schedule.

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Let’s remold your cleaning into a celebration! You can start by jotting down the areas that need a bit of TLC. Once you are done, break it down into manageable chunks and distribute the task to each week of the month. By following this, you can get your job done without getting overwhelmed. Here is a brief overview of what you must know before selecting your monthly cleaning schedule for your home and office:

regular cleaning

For your homes: 

Week 1: Deep cleaning: 

  • Get started with the heart of your home—the kitchen.
  • Proper cleaning of appliances, wiping off countertops, and other areas that are hard to reach.
  • Don’t neglect your fridge, microwave, and oven as well.

Week 2: window and bed cleaning 

  • Freshen up your sleeping space by laundering all bed linens, like sheets, pillowcases, and blankets.
  • Natural light can be utilized by cleaning windows and window sills.
  • Don’t miss out on the window screens; a quick wipe-down could make a big difference.

Week 3: Declutter and clean floors

  • Utilize this week to organize your closets, drawers, and storage spaces.
  • Get rid of the stuff that is no longer needed.
  • Focus on cleaning floors, including mopping hard floors and vacuuming rugs and carpets.

Week 4: Clean light fixtures and outdoor maintenance

  • Dust and wipe all light fixtures and ceiling fans for a vibrant and inviting space.
  • Clean up the outdoor areas by sweeping.
  • Use this week to get done with any remaining cleaning tasks.

For your office

 Week 1: Spotless common areas and break rooms.

  • Pay attention to spaces like break rooms and kitchens.
  • Keep the appliance clean, sanitize surfaces, and restock supplies.

Week 2: Work Areas

  • Desks and equipment must be clean, and the floors should be mopped.
  • Encourage employees to tidy up their workstations.

Week 3: Storage Area

  • Organise storage space like supply closets and filing cabinets.
  • Built a system for ongoing organization.

Week 4: Meeting room and windows

  • Clean the windows for natural light to enter for refreshment.
  • Take immediate action regarding any maintenance issues.

We are confident that this list from the Sparkle commercial is the one you can easily count on for a better environment. Be it house cleaning or office cleaning, you can rely on our cleaning professionals for outstanding results.


May 19, 2024 7:19 pm

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