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Whenever a tenant begins a rental property, he gives a bond deposit to the property owner. This amount is just for the security of renting property, which returns to the tenant when he moves out or when his lease period comes to an end. According to the law, tenants have to return the property in pristine condition before leaving the rental property. A property agent or a landlord examines the premises before giving back the bond deposit. If the property owner sees that the building property is not cleaned well, he has a right to deduct money from the bond to hire bond cleaning services.

That is why you should hire a professional to get your whole bond back. Bond cleaning is not run-of-the-mill cleaning that you do regularly, it requires a great effort, more time, and a deep focus on the area of the property that is left out during day-to-day cleaning services.

What Our Professionals Do During Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning may be possible on your own, but it is highly rejected and discouraged. This is a time when you have to focus your attention on other issues, such as getting a new tenancy or taking away furniture and other things. It is best to hire professionals from bond cleaning Perth to get the right tools for the job.

Our expert and trustworthy bond cleaning services involve cleaning everything from top to bottom, left to right, and front to back. But the indoor places that need extra care are:

Sometimes, mold and grime can grow on walls and furniture, which means it takes more time for cleaners to remove them. Other areas of rental property that may need extra time include garages, balconies, and external windows. If you are interested in bond cleaning, ask us right now for a quote. The following are the areas that our professionals clean during bond cleaning services:

Kitchen and Laundry Areas

Common Room and Dining Areas

Bedroom Area


Bathrooms and Toilets Areas

Expert’s Advice

If you are scratching your head or under pressure due to bond cleaning costs, don’t fret. Every problem has a solution. There is also a way to lessen the cost of bond cleaning services. If you maintain the cleaning of rental property regularly, you may forego or lessen the cost of bond cleaning. If your busy work life doesn’t allow you to do regular cleaning of premises, hire professional cleaners from cleaning services Perth on a weekly or monthly basis. In this way, at the end of the lease on your property, you won’t need much cleaning.

What Our Bond Back Grantee Services offer

The bond cleaning process is an overwhelming and arduous chore that can’t be done without a professional cleaning company like Sparkel Commercial Cleaning. That is why people in Perth trust us. Here is a list of what we offer during bond cleaning services:

Team of experts with extensive experience

Our professional cleaners have experience with all surfaces and ensure germ-free and spotless cleaning. They have the knowledge to deal with all kinds of rental places with advanced technologies.

Screened and Insured Staff

Our bond cleaning staff at Bond Cleaning Perth is insured and police-verified. We have all the details of professionals, so you can hand over your rental property to them and feel at ease while it gets thoroughly cleaned.

Green Cleaning

We know how pollution affects our environment and our health, so we use eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning chemicals. We ensure the minimum use of water and electricity during bond cleaning procedures.

Advance Equipment

Cleaning equipment varies according to the type of cleaning area. We have advanced machines and tools for perfect bond cleaning of your rental area. We upgrade our system with time to become more efficient and professional.

Flexible Work Period

At the end of the lease, there is a lot of work as you have to pack up everything, transport the things to new places, and return the place to its original condition. In this overwhelming situation, we try to ease your burden by providing bond cleaning services that are trustworthy, comfortable, and convenient.

Quick Response

Our professionals work very quickly and reach your location without any delay. They give quick responses and don’t waste time on chatting and discussing unnecessary things. They also avoid unnecessary breaks.

Relive tensions

With our bond cleaning services on your tenancy, you can rest assured that our cleaners will do their best to clean every inch of the premises. Our professionals are committed to offering a bond back guarantee.

High-Quality Work

High-quality work is the thing that is required during bond cleaning tasks. The usual cleaning usually leaves the areas on which a landlord focuses during an examination of the property. Bond cleaning Perth gives you satisfactory results with high-quality work. So, contact us to enjoy our high-quality work.

Supportive Staff

We are always available to help you to take yourself out of challenging situations and the stress of vacate cleaning. We give you our supportive hands and keep you away from disputes and conflicts that may occur at the end of the leased property. Our transparent approach is always open to communication with you all the time.


If you’re overwhelmed due to the cost of bond cleaning, which is usually high, don’t bother. We are here to provide you with affordable services within your tight budget. We discuss the price matters before getting into the bond cleaning process and don’t add any extra service charges. Our cost-effective and precise services make us prominent among the people of the Perth area.

Let us Help You

If you have recently moved out or recently owned a rental property, you may be able to save money and secure yourself at the end of your lease by hiring bond cleaning.

If you haven’t come across the term “bond cleaning” before and don’t know how to start this process, let us help you.

Bond cleaning Perth cleans your rental property at the end of tenancy bond cleaning procedures or before moving in.

Our cleaning services ensure not only high-quality services but also value your stressed-out condition during the move-out process. We have well-set tools, trained professionals, and eco-friendly products to undertake your exit cleaning.

If you have planned to hire bond cleaning services or are looking for ‘bond cleaning near me who can assure you that you will get your bond deposit back? Rely on Bond Cleaning Perth. What are you waiting for? Send a text or make a call to us to get a free quote. We will be right there…


Bond cleaning, also known as end-of-lease cleaning, ensures the property is thoroughly cleaned, meeting landlord standards to secure the bond refund.

It’s advisable to hire professionals as they understand the specific requirements, ensuring the property meets the landlords strict cleaning criteria.

The duration varies based on property size and condition. Generally, it takes 6-8 hours for a standard-sized property, but this can differ based on the scope of work.

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