Builders Cleaning Perth: A Comprehensive Guide

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Building a house or renovating one is a lengthy and difficult procedure. However, with a reliable builder’s cleaning service, clearing dust and debris after construction can be a smooth process. If you are in Perth, you can avail the best builder’s cleaning service with Sparkle Commercial Cleaning.

Best Builders Cleaning Perth is available with a few clicks. You can fill up the online form and the executives of Sparkle Commercial Cleaning will provide you with a list of straightforward packages. The budget-friendly packages guarantee professional cleaning of the house.

What is the procedure for builder’s cleaning with Sparkle Commercial Cleaning?

The procedure of builders cleaning Perth offered by Sparkle Commercial Cleaning is divided into three phases. Each phase is dedicated to making your home spotless and ensures your smooth moving in.

The phases of the builder’s cleaning are as follows –

  • Rough cleaning –

Rough cleaning is the process of scrubbing down the hard materials. Further, debris is also cleared in this stage.

  • Light cleaning –

It is the phase of in-depth cleaning of your house after construction. This minute process takes longer time than rough cleaning.

  • Final cleaning –

This final stage ensures minute cleaning and touch-ups.

How long does it take for the builder’s cleaning service?

Builder’s cleaning takes more time than regular house cleaning. The time and package depend on a few aspects. The aspects are as follows –

  • The size of your house
  • Floor Design
  • If initial cleaning has been done by workers or not
  • The kind of construction done on your home


In conclusion, the builder’s clean-up services offered by Sparkle Commercial Cleaning are your one-stop solution before moving in. The seamless process helps you to settle in effortlessly.


June 16, 2024 12:51 pm

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