The Relationship Between Cleanliness and Mental Wellness

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So before even getting started, just picture this:

“Andrew!!! What’s with the mess? Said Kim, “You have got papers scattered at every corner, making the surface vanish, and about those stationeries, it seems like your workspace got hit by a hurricane.” But it is a productive mess, he replied. Yeah? It is a chaotic mess where you thrive. It’s like your Brian is saying, “Hey, maybe I’m not perfectly organized, but I’m progressing!

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A warm greeting to all methodical people! Let’s make you a little uncomfortable by exploring an unknown realm known as “productive messiness.” Since childhood, we have been taught that staying clean is a noble habit, right? Does it go with every person in the world? Maybe not, because certain unconventional beliefs swirl around, one of which is that “little messiness is good for mental health?” SHOCKED! Let’s unveil the world to see what awaits you.

Imagine yourself sitting at your desk in a dynamic office in Australia, and your desk is decorated with a pile of paper, rainbow-colored sticky notes, and even a few wrappers of chocolate biscuits as snacks. Initially, one might consider it untidy and disorganized, but the truth is that it helps to ignite creative power; that is what productive messiness is in Aussie style. A little disorder helps the brain think about breaking the rules of organized space. Have you ever realized that a cluttered space can be the origin of invention? So if your room is a mess, then it’s a sign that you are one of a kind. So, don’t be afraid to let your uniqueness shine through.

Never underestimate the power of being messy. It’s high time to shake off the unwanted pressure on pristine ambiance and focus on everyone’s wellness. Before all the judgments start to take off between organized people and chaos lovers! It’s all about having a perfect blend, where messiness helps to get work done. So next time you find yourself surrounded by a cluttered environment, just hug the mess to discover something new.

Cleanliness might be important, but it’s time to break through the conventions and welcome the unique characteristics of messiness. So try to stay messy and happy!


July 23, 2024 10:50 am

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