An Important Aspect Of Cleaning High Traffic Areas Is Keeping Them Clean

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Did you know that the average person carries nearly 421,000 bacteria in their hand at any given time? In today’s blog, we will delve into why it is important to keep these high-traffic areas clean. Starting from bustling entrances with footprints to conference rooms, we will explore why regular cleaning is important for maintaining hygiene, safety, and a positive environment. So buckle up as we embark on this journey!

Cleaning Common Areas

Entrances and exits: 

As the initials and final points for guests, these areas tend to gather moisture, debris, and dirt from outside. Ensuring an appealing appearance and preventing the spread of pollutants can be achieved by routine cleaning.

Lobbies and Reception Areas:

It is the center of activity for any business because it sees a lot of foot traffic and has a high chance of grime accumulation on surfaces, furniture, and flooring. Cleaning makes the environment hygienic and welcoming.

Hallways and corridors:

Employees, clients, and guests frequently move through hallways and corridors that connect different areas of the facility. Proper cleaning keeps allergies, dirt, and dust from piling up.


High-usage areas like restrooms are breeding grounds for germs and other hygienic problems. Scheduling cleaning can be beneficial to stop odors and reduce the chances of falling ill.

Break Rooms and Cafeterias:

These areas are utilized by employees and guests during breaks, meals, and snacks, which causes spillage, leftovers, and waste build-up. By keeping things clean, you can stop bugs from growing.

Elevators and Staircases: 

Elevators and staircases, which act as a passageway between different floors, are commonly used by occupants. The cleaning builds beauty and safety by getting rid of dust, debris, and fingerprints from the surface.

Workstations and Cubicles:

Workstations and cubicles that are occupied by employees for a prolonged period can accumulate dirt and dust on surfaces. Regular office cleaning can lower the chances of allergens, increase worker morale, and nurture a healthy environment.

Retail Spaces and Showrooms:

These are the areas where we see a lot of foot activity and a high possibility of spills or accidents because they serve as merchandise showcases for clients. Commercial cleaning of such places can improve the projection of products and also ensure a pleasurable shopping experience.

Common Areas and Waiting Rooms:

Common areas and waiting rooms, where residents come together to relax. These places must be kept clean to create a relaxing vibe. When stains, dust, and litter are removed, the interior feels happier for the residents.

Benefits of cleaning high-traffic areas

  • Promotes a healthy environment
  • Improves the safety
  • Restore the aesthetic appeal.
  • Extended durability of floors and surfaces
  • Creates a positive perception


The blog focuses on the importance of maintaining cleanliness in high-traffic areas for health, safety, and overall well-being. By utilizing professional cleaning services in Perth, you can ensure their houses and offices look pristine. This not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also implants a sense of trust and professionalism within clients and employees.


May 19, 2024 6:47 am

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