Ways To Keep a Kids’ Daycare Center Clean

Ways To Keep a Kids’ Daycare Center Clean
5 Dec, 2021

The world we live in is full of various germs and bacteria, and not all of them are harmful to humans. In fact, some helpful bacteria can be found in yogurt and cheese. The problem arises when human beings take on the role as hosts for infectious bacteria. Living among us now are those bothersome little disease carrying pathogens that cause sinus infections, food poisoning, pink eye, strep throat, tuberculosis…the list goes on and on.

Now it’s true that sometimes germs just happen. We may find ourselves riding down an elevator after a sickly co-worker, or maybe our children bring home a stomach virus from school – at least they were nice enough to share with their family and not just the rest of the general public.

On a more serious note, we find ourselves in a ghastly array of germ-infested rooms, waiting areas, and doctor’s offices. We can combat disease by implementing positive ways to keep a kids’ daycare center clean.

According to the National Network for Child Care, there are thousands upon thousands of childcare facilities throughout our country. The only way these places stay open is because good people provide excellent care for children under their supervision. As with any other business, our success here depends on keeping customers coming back. If you’re worried about germs being passed around among your kid’s classmates or concerned about getting sick yourself while you’re at work, the following tips are for you.

First of all, everyone needs to understand that children are naturally more susceptible to getting sick than adults. They play outside where they pick up germs and bacteria on their shoes, then track them into the classroom or daycare center. And do not be fooled by this “cooties game” either; children actually carry around infectious organisms like Staphylococcus (which can cause pneumonia) without even showing any symptoms.

In a childcare setting, as with an adult workplace, precautions must be taken in order to limit exposure to those harmful germ-infested areas. Here are some ways that your kids’ daycare center can stay clean and healthy:

All surfaces should be regularly cleaned with a disinfectant or a bleach solution. The more frequently you clean, the less of a chance harmful pathogens have to multiply. Be sure to use disposable towels, spray bottles, mop heads, etc . for this purpose.

There is no getting around hand washing. In fact, it can be even more important in kid-care settings than in other places where adults work. Teach your daycare staff about proper hand washing at all times – before they eat, after diaper changes…the list goes on! If possible give them the option of using their own antibacterial soap or sanitizer products instead of having to purchase them from your center.

While your cleaning products are getting used, encourage your teachers to use disposable wipes for diaper changes. While this may not be the most “green” way to go about things, it’ll do wonders for you and everyone else who comes in contact with those cloth changing pads.

The last thing you want is for your clean facilities to become re-contaminated. Teach all of your colleague’s proper disease control methods in order to prevent any germs from being spread through a communal sink or toilet scrub brush, etc.

If anyone does get sick, put them on a different schedule until they recover enough to come back with proper hand washing techniques. Do not have multiple children playing together if one of them is nursing an illness. Better safe than sorry.

And finally, remember that good old-fashioned “common sense” is always your best friend in these situations. Keep sick kids home until they’re no longer contagious and for the love of all that is clean, do not bring your pet into a childcare center or classroom (including fish tanks). Kids may be more resilient than we give them credit for, but if you think about it – would you want to share their germs?