How to Clean Commercial Coffee Machine

How to Clean Commercial Coffee Machine
12 Jan, 2022

Commercial coffee machines are a must for many cafes and restaurants, especially because of their ability to make a large number of cups at once. Cleaning a commercial coffee machine is very important as it ensures that your guests will receive a clean cup of coffee every time! Cleaning not only reduces the risk of contamination from toxic chemicals but also ensures that all dangerous bacteria are eliminated from the equipment. Cleaning commercial coffee machines twice a week can also help reduce waste from unnecessary chemical usage, saving you money!  In order to ensure that your staff members use chemicals correctly and avoid common mistakes when cleaning commercial coffee machines, we have put together some helpful tips below:

Cleaning Process

Water Temperature: The first step in cleaning any equipment is to ensure the correct water temperature. Cleaning a commercial coffee machine with water that is too hot can cause damage to the internal parts of your machine. Cleaning a commercial coffee machine using water that is too cool might not allow for proper cleaning, so always be sure to check the manual for ideal temperatures if necessary.

Cleaning Products

Different types of coffee machines require different kinds of chemicals, all available at your local supermarket or online through companies. After selecting the right product for your specific brand and type of machine, you should follow the directions on the label carefully in order to get rid of dangerous chemicals while keeping your equipment in good shape!

Steps to Cleaning Commercial Coffee Machine

Cleaning a commercial coffee machine isn’t hard, but it does require some attention to detail. First, make sure the machine is turned off and disconnected from any water supply. After this step, you can begin cleaning the internal parts of your machine! Cleaning Commercial Coffee Machine with Baking Soda Clean cupboards with baking soda by making a paste that you can apply directly to surfaces such as stainless steel appliances or sinks for easy removal of tough dirt and grime. Mix three parts baking soda with one part water until you get a smooth consistency that will allow you to easily spread over the surface of your choice. Use both hands to scrub away stubborn stains and debris before rinsing with warm water. Cleaning Commercial Coffee Machine with Clean, Hot Water by filling the internal reservoir for your machine. If you are unsure of how to open it up, consult your owner’s manual for specifics on removing the top part of the machine. After removing the lid, you can simply use a sponge or dishcloth to wipe down any inner surfaces carefully.

Clean External Surfaces

Clean commercial coffee machine after ensuring all internal parts are spotless and dry! Clean external parts such as the area surrounding buttons and levers thoroughly before replacing lids on reservoirs. For stubborn dirt marks that won’t go easily, try spraying vinegar directly onto the area and allowing it to soak for a few minutes before wiping away.

Clean Locking Mechanisms

After you have finished cleaning all of the surfaces, it is time to clean any locking mechanisms involved in the operation of your coffee machine. Clean these using a soft cloth soaked in warm water with some hand soap added for extra thoroughness.

Though keeping your equipment clean might seem like an arduous task, it really isn’t anything that you can’t accomplish just by following basic steps! Ensuring that your commercial coffee machines are kept clean will allow them to function at optimal performance levels while also cutting down on waste by eliminating beverage residue.