5 Tips for Cleaning Office Window Interiors

5 Tips for Cleaning Office Window Interiors
10 Dec, 2021

Like most companies, cleaning window interiors is one of the regular tasks you do here. This is because clean office windows can benefit the mental health of your employees, improve heat efficiency, and present a more professional image. Cleaning dirty glass interiors makes it easier to see out of your office which in turn improves employee morale. Additionally, professionally cleaned offices are perceived as being more reputable than offices with dirty or smudged glass. If you follow these tips on how to effectively clean your office window interiors, you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner they become!

Cleaning Office Window Interiors Tip #1: Clean Your Glass with Water

You’ve probably heard that Windex does wonder for cleaning your windows. However, you shouldn’t use Windex for this task because it can leave streaks and film residue on your glass. Cleaning office window interiors with water is the best option for achieving a clean, streak-free shine!

Before Cleaning: Cleaning Office Window Interiors Tip #2: Clean Them While They’re Still Wet

Once the cleaning solution has been applied to your windows, they should remain wet while you finish washing down the rest of your windows. This ensures that all windows receive equal amounts of removes and becomes cleaner more quickly. Once you’ve wiped down all the other windows in your building except for one, start on that last window and implement Cleaning Office Window Interiors Tip #1: Clean Your Glass with Water.

Cleaning Office Window Interiors Tip #3: Clean from the Top Down

Start at the top of your office window and work downwards so that all streaks are banished from view. Cleaning from bottom to top means you’ll have to go over previous areas several times, which will lead to streaking and a hazy finish. If you clean from the top down, this won’t happen! Begin by spraying a cleaning solution on the glass then rub it down using a soft cloth or sponge. Clean one section of glass at a time – preferably an area that is about 8 inches wide – then move onto the next section. Continue until you reach the bottom of the window pane.

Cleaning Office Window Interiors Tip #4: Clean Glass on Different Days

If cleaning office windows is a task that your employees do as part of their job, then avoid scheduling it for the same day each week. Cleaning offices should be done on different days so that all types of grime – including dust and dirt – have time to accumulate. Doing this allows the glass to remain cleaner for longer and makes future cleanings even easier than they would otherwise be!

Cleaning Office Window Interiors Tip #5: Clean Windows at Night

It’s best to clean windows at night because there will be fewer distractions and you won’t have to worry about making noise while working. Cleaning office window interiors at night is also a great way to reduce the amount of hot air that enters your building during the day. Clean office windows can help improve heat efficiency and lower energy costs. Cleaning offices at night means you’ll have more control over temperatures as well as humidity levels throughout your office building.